Karma is all

Karma is all. We are all connected. We are all made of the same stardust. At the quantum level things can communicate. Not to get into details, but that is part of how I think karma works. Quantum physics helps provide a scientific explanation for karma. Not that I really need to understand the science behind it. I just need to know that it’s real, which I do thru personal experience and observation. Plus, it’s always just been in my gut instinct that it’s true.

None are immune from karma’s grasp. It holds all accountable. I appreciate that principle. In our society, so many get a pass for so many things. Or conversely, so many people get hosed for things beyond their control. With karma though we get what we deserve – and no one get a pass. If you cause pain to others they don’t deserve you can expect to feel a similar dynamic of pain. And it can come in many different forms. The pain may come in the form of a relationship, or a family member or physical pain or emotional pain, etc. But the dynamic of pain is what you are likely to feel if that’s what you deserve from your karma. And the opposite is true as well. It’s much better to feel the joy that you bring to others.

Our connection with each other. Keeping our karma clean. We are all one!!